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Chiropractor is a professional doctor who focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of the neuromuscular disorders. The emphasis is on treatment through manual adjustment of the spine. Most chiropractors aim to reduce pain by improving the functionality of patients, educating them, ergonomics and other therapies work to treat back pain and more including back manipulation, spinal manipulation, diversified technique, myofascial release technique, gonstead technique, craniosacral therapy, extremities adjusting and neck manipulation. These health care professionals have an advanced degree in clinical medicine, who can meet the academic and clinical requirements to practice as a Chiropractor. It is commonly practiced in countries where the profession is in its early years. Here at DoctorUna, you can easily access the best and competent Chiropractor in Al Riyadh, specialized in diseases and disorders of neuromusculoskeletal system.

Diseases treated by Chiropractor:
Tendinitis - Neck Pain - Back Manipulation - Spinal Manipulation - Neck Manipulation - Sports Injuries - Poor Posture - Work-related Injuries - Disc Herniation - Lower Back Pain - Chronic Back Pain

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