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he physicians who are specialized in hematology are regarded as the hematologists. Their professional routine includes the care and treatment of patients suffering from hematological diseases including anemia, bleeding disorder, blood thinning therapy, hematology consultation, sickle cell disease, and thalassemia. Some of the professionals also work at the hematology laboratory viewing blood films and bone marrow slides under the microscope, construing various hematological test results and blood clotting test results. Hematologists who work in hematology laboratories and manage them are pathologists specialized in the diagnosis of hematological diseases, referred to as hematopathologists. Doctoruna provides all the relevant information you require to contact Hematologists in Dammam. You can compare the credibility of all the hematologists here and contact them for consultation. Health services in Dammam are internationally recognized and are of a high standard, similar to other developed countries. Hematologists in Dammam are highly regarded for their skills and professional expertise.

Diseases treated by Hematologist:
Anemia - Bleeding Disorder - Blood Thinning Therapy / Anticoagulation - Bone Marrow Transplant Consultation - Blood Clotting Disorders - Sickle Cell Disease - Spleen Problems - Thalassemia - Chemotherapy - Blood Transfusion Consultation

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