Hamed Medical Complex

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About the Doctor

Hamed Medical Complex is the largest clinic in the southern region of Saudi Arabia which is open 24/7. It provides various services with different specialties including pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, general medicine, emergency medicine, internal medicine, general surgery, as well as, orthopedics, dentistry, dermatology and cosmetology.

Specializing In

12 Month Checkup 15 Month Checkup 18 Month Checkup 1 Month Checkup 24 Month Checkup
2 Month Checkup 30 Month Checkup 3-7 Day Checkup 4 Month Checkup 9 Month Checkup Abdominal Pain Abnormal Pap Smear Acne Scars Acne treatment Acronyx Surgery Acute Tonsillitis ADD / ADHD / Hyperactive Allergic Disorders Allergic Skin Alopecia Anal Pain Ankle Problems Annual Pediatric Checkup Annual Physical Check up Annual Skin Screening Anti-Aging Treatment Asthma Autism Spectrum Disorders Back Problems Bariatric Surgery Behavioral Problems Birth Control / Contraception Black Stool / Melena Bladder Pain / Interstitial Cystitis Blood in Stool Blood tests Botox / fillers Botox Treatment Braces Braces / Invisalign Removal Breast cancer Breast Surgery Bridge Bronchial Asthma Bronchitis Carboxy Therapy Cardiology Follow Up Cardiovascular Screening Cases of Anemia e.g. Thalassemia and sickle cell anemia Cavity Chemical Peel Chest and Lung Problem Chest Pain / Discomfort Childhood and Infancy Diseases Child incontinence Child with Fever Chronic Health Problems Coeliac Disease Colon Cancer Screening Colorectal Surgery Colposcopy Complications of Pregnancy Computerized Vision & Hearing Screening Constipation Cosmetic Dentist Consultation Cosmetic Dentist Emergency Cosmetic Dentist Follow Up Coughs Croup Crown CT Scan - Teeth (Dental Scan) Dental Consultation Dental Cyst Removal Dental Emergency Dental Follow Up Dental Implant(s) Dental Jewelry Denture Repair Dentures Dermatological Surgery Dermatology Consultation Dermatology Follow Up Developmental Delay Diabetes Diabetes Consultation Diabetes Follow Up Diarrhea Difficult Feeding Digestive Problem Ear Infection Ectopic / Tubal Pregnancy Eczema / Dry Skin Elbow Problems E-Matrix Fractionated Radiofrequency Endocrine Surgery Endometrial Biopsy Endometriosis ENT Emergency Visit Eye Testing for Children Fainting / Syncope Faltering Growth Fat Reduction Fat Transfer Fibroids Filler Treatment Filling Flu Flu Shot Foot Problems Freckles Freezing of Gynecologic Warts Gallbladder Problems Gastroenteritis and Dehydration Gastroenterology Disease Gastrointestinal disease General Medical Exam General Surgery Consultation General Surgery Follow Up Genetic Counseling / Pregnancy Screening Gut Infections Gynecologic Biopsy Gynecologic Cancer Gynecology Consultation Gynecology Follow Up Hair laser Hair Loss Hand Problems Hand Surgery Heart Disease Heavy or Irregular Vaginal Bleeding Hematology Hemorrhoids and Fissures Surgeries Hepatology Hernia Surgery High Cholesterol Hip Problems Hormonal Imbalances Hyperpigmentation Hypertension Incontinence Incontinence, Constipation Infertility Consultation Inflammatory Bowel Disease Inlay(s) Intestinal problems Invisalign Irritable Bowel Syndrome Irritable Bowel Syndrome IUD Insertion Kidney Problem Knee and Hip Replacement Knee Problems Laparoscopic Surgery Laser Genesis for Open Pores and Fine Lines Laser Skin Resurfacing and Rejuvenation Laser Skin Treatment Learning Difficulties LEEP Procedure Lumineers Maldigestion and Malabsorption Mammogram / Breast Cancer Screening Management of Blood Thinners Mastitis / Painful Nipples with Breastfeeding Maxillofacial Consultation Menopause Consultation Menopause Follow Up Mesotherapy Miscarriage Management by Vacuum Aspiration Mohs Surgery Moles Multiple Gestation / Twins or Triplets Neck Pain Nefertiti Neck Rejuvenation New Born & Infant Care Night Guard Non–Surgical Body Contouring – Cool Sculpting Non-surgical Face and Body Lifting Non-Surgical Jaw Line Rejuvenation Obesity Obesity & Nutritional Disorders OB-GYN Consultation OB-GYN Emergency OB-GYN Follow Up Occupational Therapy Onlay(s) Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Oral Biopsy Oral Lesions/Ulcers Orthopedic Consultation Orthopedic Follow Up Osteoporosis Osteoporosis Evaluation Ovarian Cyst(s) Paediatric Vision Therapy Painful Menstruation / Dysmenorrhea Pancreas Pap Smear / Annual GYN Exam Pediatric Consultation Pediatric Dentistry Pediatric Follow Up Pediatric Orthopedic Consultation Pelvic Inflammatory Disease / Endometritis Pelvic Pain Pelvic Ultrasound Peptic Ulcer Disease Periodontal Surgery Pneumonia Post Menopausal Bleeding Post-Partum Visit Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Consultation Pregnancy Pregnancy Follow Up Premenstrual Mood Disorder / PMS / PMDD Pre-natal Fetal Consultation Pre-natal Fetal Follow Up Prescription Pre-Surgery Checkup Pre-Travel Checkup Preventive Medicine Prosthodontist Consultation Prosthodontist Follow Up PRP (Plasma Rich Platelet) Psoriasis Psychological Disorders Rash / Redness Repeated Vomiting / Diarrhea Respiratory Illness Respiratory Problems Retainer Checkup Retainer Installation RIOBLUSH – Carboxy Therapy for Dark Circles Around The Eyes Root Canal Routine Gynecologic Exam Scar & Burn Removal Sexual Dysfunction / Painful Sex / Dyspareunia Short Stature Shoulder Problem Sick Child Visit Skin Allergy - Eczema Sonography / Ultrasound Sore Throat Spine Surgery Sport Injury Sports Guard STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) Tattoo Removal Teeth Cleaning Teeth Sensitivity Treatment Teeth Whitening Thread Lift Thyroid Surgery Titan for Non Surgical Skin Tightening TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint) Pain Tooth Extraction Tooth pain/ache Trauma Surgery Tumor Removal Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Urinary Tract Treatment Uterine / Vaginal Prolapse Vaccination Vaginal Discharge / Infection Varicose Veins Varied Injectable Face and Body Treatments Vascular Lesions Vascular Surgery Veneer(s) Vitiligo Vomiting Vomiting Vulvar Biopsy Wart(s) Wisdom Tooth Problem Wound Care Wrist Problems
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Hamed Medical Complex

The doctor accepts 'Pay & Claim' at this location

Licenses / Permits

  • Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia

Languages Spoken

  • Arabic
  • English